Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Things have been a little crazy around here lately, in case you were wondering why I've been so absent from the online world. There are some major changes coming up for us in the very near future - and I couldn't be more excited about them!

About a week before Christmas, Forrest was offered a job at a new company that would allow him to work much better hours and spend so much more time at home with our family. He accepted and just started his new job this week. His time in public accounting was good to us, but we were so ready for the change and I can't even begin to explain how excited we are about his new opportunity!

When Forrest accepted the job, we realized it was time for us to move so that we could be closer to his work. We had also promised each other that the next time we moved, it would be into our own house. All the stars aligned and we were able to find the perfect home for us, very close to Forrest's work and in a great area. We are now under contract to purchase the home and are hoping to close at the end of next month. After renting apartments for 7 years, we could not be more thrilled at the prospect of owning our own home and having space for all of our stuff!

And in the midst of all this, I am nearly 34 weeks pregnant with our little munchkin. The week we close on our house is also the week of my due date. Sometimes Forrest and I think about things and wonder why in the world we always choose to take all of these life changes at once. We moved to Utah 5 weeks after the twins were born. And now a job change, buying a house and moving, and having baby #3 all at once - I know we are a little crazy. But the changes are all so good and I am so looking forward to everything.

The hard part about the upcoming move and the baby coming soon is being in limbo about preparing for baby. All of the clothes, bassinet, burp cloths, bottles etc. are already packed up in storage containers and ready to move. I would love to leave them like that until we are in the house, but what if the baby comes early? Who knows what we'll end up doing. My rough plan is to get everything washed and ready and put into an easily accessible bag that we could use whether we are in our apartment or the house when the baby comes.

Wish us luck!